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‪‪The Fast and the Furious, ‪Michelle Rodriguez‬ ? No just My blond sister in her infinity!
‪‪The Fast and the Furious‬, ‪Michelle Rodriguez‬? Nope. Just my sister in Georgia driving her fancy infinity with stories to tell!

While visiting my sister we stopped to get gas and she shared her story of some “stalker” guy wanting to get in her car! “You never know in Savannah Georgia !” The BMW guy wanted a date with my sister I believe!
Scary! Some stranger?

Living in Savannah is a whole other can of worms from what I see.

We also went to Kroger’s and she showed me how to pick out a watermelon. You want them round and no spines! AND there’s a female and a male! Who would have known!

All in a visit with my Blondie sister!

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June 30th, 2017 by